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Educational Materials for Teachers
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Map Size and Features

This beautiful full color map of the Missoula Floods has been updated by IAFI. This new map shows the locations of the glaciers during the last glacial cycle, Glacial Lake Missoula and Glacial Lake Columbia, the area inundated during the megafloods of the Ice Age, and the location of the greatly reduced sea level during the glacial maximum. We have added considerable details of topography, roads, and numerous towns and cities.


  • 24" x 36" - $20.00
  • 11" x 17" - $12.00
  • 11" x 17" laminated - $14.00

The laminated map can be used for placemats, stored in your car or RV to have when you travel. Even put it in your pack! All of the maps are shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.


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Book $21.00

LIVING WITH THUNDER: Exploring the Geologic Past, Present, and Future of the Pacific Northwest NEW!
By Ellen Morris Bishop
Oregon State University Press, 2014; 150 pages, softcover

The Pacific Northwest is a region defined by its geology as much as its rugged coastline,  rain forests, scarred scablands, rolling fields of wheat, varieties of terroirs for producing superior wine grapes and excellent hops for beers, and its splendid mountain ranges.  Its landscapes have been formed by accretion, volcanic activity, giant periodic floods, and glacial advances and retreats.  

In Living with Thunder, Geologist and photographer Ellen Morris Bishop offers a fascinating and up-to-date geologic survey of the Northwest – Washington, Oregon, northern California, and western Idaho  -  and the effects of the volcanic activities from ancient times to the present.  New discoveries include Smith Rock as part of Oregon’s largest and most extinct volcano, portraits of Mt. Hood’s eighteenth century eruptions, and new ideas about the Origin of the Columbia River Basin and the courses of the ancestral Columbia River.

Intended as an introduction for the general reader and geological non-specialist, Living with Thunder enlivens Northwest Geological history by combining engaging science writing with the author’s stunning color photographs.  In addition, color maps and time charts help guide the reader through time.  The book presents evidence of changing ecosystems and ancient life, as well as the Northwest’s exceptional record of past climate changes and the implications of our future.  The title harks to the Klamath Indian recounting of Mount Mazama’s  cataclysmic eruption, and the book also examines the confluence between scientific findings and Native American  documentation of several major geologic  event.
Product Image

Book $26.00

The Northern Reaches

By Bruce Bjornstad and Eugene Kiver
Keokee Books, 2012; 480 pages; 6” x 9” softcover

Following up on his 2006 book On the Trail of the Ice Age Floods, geologist Bruce Bjornstad joined forces with Emeritus Professor Eugene Kiver to guide readers upstream – The Northern Reaches – in Volume 2.

In Volume 2, The Northern Reaches, Bjornstad and Kiver focus on the Channeled Scabland, where the evidence for megafloods is most striking and dramatic. It was in the Channeled Scabland early in the 20th century where rebel geologist J Harlen Bretz first saw most clearly, and described most eloquently, the evidence for these Ice Age cataclysms that so violently transformed the region.

Beginning where the floods originated at the Idaho-Montana border and following them through Washington's Channeled Scabland, coauthors Bjornstad and Kiver explore dozens of flood features, many found nowhere else on Earth. They present dozens of trails and tours directing readers to experience, firsthand, the striking aftermath of the cataclysmic Ice Age floods.

Product Image

Book $19.00

A Geological Field Guide to the Mid-Columbia Basin

By Bruce Bjornstad
Keokee Books, 2006

During the last great Ice Age some 15,000 years ago, the Pacific Northwest was repeatedly decimated by cataclysmic floods unlike anything in modern times. Giant walls of ice-laden water---miles wide and hundreds of feet deep---raced over the land at speeds up to 80 mph, scouring the landscape and leaving a fascinating geologic record. This book explores those legendary floods, explains the features they created, and guides readers to trails and tours in the Mid-Columbia Basic to witness the floods’ awesome power for themselves.

  • Explanations of 19 types of landforms
  • Guides to 70 flood-formed features
  • Thirty off-road hiking and biking trails
  • Five driving tours and two aerial tours

The guidebook covers the Mid-Columbia Region, which includes the area south of Moses Lake, west of Palouse Falls, north of Wallula Gap and east of Yakima. Bruce Bjornstad is a professional geologist/hydrogeologist who has studied the Ice Age Floods since 1980 and regularly leads lectures and field trips on the subject.


Product Image

Book $18.00

Explore and Recreate along the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail

By John Soennichsen (Author of Bretz’s Flood)
Published by The Mountaineers; 224 pages; 6” x 9”

Explore Washington’s canyons of Ice Age wonders – great trails, stunning scenery, and amazing history.

  • Comprehensive guide to a fascinating region rich with history and recreational access to camping, hiking, fishing, and more
  • The Ice Age Floods National geologic Trail was authorized by Congress in 2009.   Once completed, the Trail will connect interpretive facilities, signage, and other tourism activities
  • Features regional maps and photos

More than 2,000 square miles of terrain in Eastern Washington are home to a striking collection of sharp-edged coulees slicing through a crust of basalt.  In this stunning landscape, deep lakes fill the depths of dramatic gorges flanked by steep walls of towering rock columns, and wide tracts of scabby rock that give the region its name.  Geologically no other region in the world contains features like those found in the Channeled Scablands.

Guidebook and travel narrative come together in the Washington’s Channeled Scablands Guide. From Walla Walla to Spokane and Quincy to Pullman, now travelers can explore Washington’s canyons of Ice Age wonder with a brand new guidebook. The guide offers a comprehensive and intimately knowledgeable tour of this one-of-a-kind region. Local writer and historian John Soennichsen is your guide to fascinating lore; snapshots of the unique towns connected by this singular landscape; descriptions of the unique geology; advice on how to explore whether by auto, horseback, canoe, bike, or on foot; and essential info like where to fuel up and stop for dinner. If you’re seeking adventure and intrigue just off the beaten path, you’ll find the keys to a whole new world of exploration with Washington’s Channeled Scablands Guide.

Product Image

Book $20.00

FIRE, FAULTS and FLOODS: A road and trail guide exploring the origins of the Columbia River Basin
By Mueller and Mueller
Univ. of Idaho Press, 1997.

A wondrous collection of soaring cliffs, deep coulees, basalt dike walls, water-filled potholes, flood carved caves, and broad channels of one-time rivers spreads across the landscape of eastern and central Washington and northern Oregon. This road and trail guidebook introduces readers, residents, hikers, and tourists to outstanding geological features found in the Columbia River basin and offers an in-depth look at the geological events and forces that created its vast and varied landscapes. Written in non-technical terms so it is very understandable, the authors describe not only the geology of the region, but the history and recreational opportunities offered at various sites.

Fifty three trips are targeted to assist readers in finding and understanding the area’s major geologic features. Among the regions covered are:

  • Missoula, Montana, and the lower Clark Fork drainage
  • Grande Ronde and Joseph Creek Canyons on the borders of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho
  • The Cheney-Pasco Scabland Corridor
  • Grand Coulee, Moses Coulee, and other glacial Lake Missoula flood channels
  • The middle Columbia River drainage
  • Crab Creek and the Yakima fold Belt
  • Picture Gorge Basalts and John Day Fossil Beds National Monument
  • The Columbia River Gorge
  • The northern Oregon Coast

95 black and white photographs and 80 maps and illustrations accompany the text and serve as detailed guides to sites throughout the region.


Product Image

Book $15.00

Terra Tempo: Ice Age Cataclysm!
By David Shapiro, Erica Melville & Christopher Herndon
Craigmore Creations, Portland, OR, 2010

This new graphic novel takes kids of all ages on a fantastic journey in a time machine to witness the Great Missoula Floods, the largest floods to have ever washed over the face of the earth. Experience the world in the not so distant past when giant mammoths and saber-toothed cats roamed the Pacific Northwest. Ride along with the time travel kids as they tour the changing landscapes from the back of a mythic Thunderbird and work together to survive the dangers of the Ice Age Cataclysm!

This is a great way to introduce kids to the Ice Age Floods and to join three kids on an incredible science adventure. This is a wonderful graphic art novel. This is the first Fiction offering from the IAFI Store. We recommend it for all children of all ages, especially 7-14.


Product Image

Book $24.00 - Hard Cover or $17.00 - Soft Cover


Bretz’s Flood: The Remarkable Story of a Rebel Geologist and the World’s Greatest Flood
By John Soennichsen
Sasquatch Books, 2008

The Riddle of the Scablands: The land between Idaho and the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington is characterized by dramatic coulees, gullies, and deserts; it is a wholly unique place on Earth. J Harlen Bretz was the geologist to answer the riddle of how this land came to be.

Conventional scientific thinking held that the scabland region was formed gradually over millions of years. Bretz recognized that the region’s bizarre formations and geologic oddities didn’t conform to the patterns shaped gradually over time. Instead the scablands could only be caused by a sudden rush of an unprecedented volume of water. Scientists decried his views even as they refused to visit the scablands for themselves and Bretz suffered various forms of public and academic humiliation for decades.

Meticulously researched and delivered in stunning prose, Bretz’s Flood brings to life the dramatic story of how the channeled scablands came to be and how one man persevered against the odds to change the course of geologic history.


WHERE THE GREAT RIVER BENDS: A natural and human history of the Columbia at Wallula
Edited by Bob J. Carson
Keokee Books, 2009, 240 pages, softcover

Product Image

Book $35.00

Where the Great River Bends highlights Wallula Gap, a National Natural Landmark in south central Washington State where geography has defined history, marked by the narrowing of the mighty Columbia River halfway between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Loaded with more than 200 black-and-white and color illustrations, the book covers everything about this area symbolized by a unique geologic feature, the Twin Sisters. Here the Ice Age floods rushed through, Native Americans lived, fur trappers traded and railroads thrived, making it an important historical and cultural landmark in the West’s awesome landscape.

Where the Great River Bends captures that extraordinary landscape with dozens of historic photographs and modern-day images contributed by seven photographers. Contributors include Robert Baker, John Clement, Paul Clement, Michael E. Denny, Catherine E. Dickson, Lawrence L. Dodd, G. Thomas Edwards, Kathryn Farrell Guizar, Dianne Kornberg and Donald Snow.


Product Image

Book $25.00

By John Eliot Allen, Marjorie Burns, Scott Burns
204 pp. Ooligan Press, 2009.

This new edition of a popular book tells two stories. One follows geological research that challenged the scientific paradigm of the early 20th century, and the other chronicles the results of that research: the discovery of the powerful prehistoric floods that shaped the Pacific Northwest. The last Ice Age created the scabland buttes, dry falls, and dried river channels that nature enthusiasts admire and enjoy, but it took the detective work of geologist J Harlan Bretz to prove to the scientific community--and the world--that ancient floods could have scarred the earth so deeply. With a lifetime of research and an unshakeable belief, Bretz made history and changed geology forever.

This fascinating new edition of Cataclysms on the Columbia will take you on a journey back millions of years into the Pacific Northwest’s prehistoric past with updated scientific information and color photographs. Follow John Eliot Allen, Marjorie Burns, and Scott Burns as they examine Bretz’s groundbreaking geological studies and his personal struggle to change scientific theory. The story of the Ice Age Floods and the force of one man’s convictions is one that will leave a lasting impression.

This book is part of an Open Book Series by Ooligan Press, Portland State University. They are committed to becoming an academic leader in sustainable publishing practices.

Book $15.00

GLACIAL LAKE MISSOULA and Its Humongous Floods
By David Alt
Mountain Press, 2001

By David Alt. As geologist J Harlen Bretz walked the dry scabland channels of eastern Washington in the 1920s, it dawned on him that he was viewing a landscape sculpted by water. Lots of water. A flood of catastrophic proportions. Glacial Lake Missoula and its Humongous Floods tells the gripping tale of a huge Ice Age lake that drained suddenly---not just once but repeatedly---and reshaped the landscape of the Northwest. The narrative follows the path of the floodwaters as they raged from western Montana across the Idaho Panhandle, then scoured through eastern Washington and down the Columbia Gorge to the Pacific Ocean. This is also the story of geologists grappling with scientific controversy---of how personalities, pride and prejudice sometimes supersede scientific evidence.


Product Image

Book $35.00

By Charles L. Mason
The Wenatchee World Press, 2006

Describes the local geology of the Wenatchee area and includes chapters on plate tectonics, formation of Washington State, and basic physical geology. Includes over 150 color photographs.

The last two hundred million year geological history of the Wenatchee Valley and the adjacent vicinity is most easily described as a buffet of geological events, unparalleled nearly anywhere else on earth. Anyone interested in the study of earth science would find this region a feast of geological delights, which a lifetime of indulgence could not completely embrace. No one text can possibly provide a menu of this buffet in its entirety, taking in all which is being offered to a geological gourmet. Nearly every page shows at least one of the over 150 color photographs detailing the events of millennia past. The technical terms are kept to a minimum, giving a layperson a greater appreciation and understanding of the topic. A map showing sites of interest and bisected with references to a GPS coordinate conversion table is included.


THE GREAT ICE AGE FLOODS: Catastrophic Transformation of the West

Product Image

DVD $20.00

2 video programs on one DVD!


VIDEO ONE---THE GREAT FLOODS CATACLYSMS OF THE ICE AGE. The Pacific Northwest was the state for one of the 20th century’s great mysteries. The unlikely evidence: a maze of enormous empty river canyons, boulder-strewn valleys, giant ripple marks, and the skeletal remains of the world's largest waterfall---all geologically fresh, yet sitting high and dry, far from any source of water. In 1923, geologist J Harlen Bretz proposed a catastrophic flood as their genesis, igniting a debate that raged for nearly half a century. "The Great Floods" tracks the clues leading to the final verdict the revolutionized geologic thinking: the Ice Age Floods. 13.5 minutes. Produced by Washington State University in cooperation with Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, National Park Service.

VIDEO TWO---ICE AGE FLOODS: CATASTROPHIC TRANSFORMATION OF THE WEST. Spectacular floods changed the landscape of Oregon and Washington some 17,000 years ago, when Ice Age glacial dams near present day Missoula, Montana broke apart and unleashed an inland sea. The powerful flood---what geologists believe was the greatest moving body of water in the earth’s history---tore open the landscape of eastern Washington, merged with the Columbia River, and left what is now Portland, Oregon under 400 feet of water. 28 minutes. Produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Entire DVD is 42 min., by Northwest Interpretive Association, 2005.

MYSTERY OF THE MEGAFLOOD: Examining the World's Most Catastrophic Flood

Product Image

DVD $20.00

In the Washington State "Scablands," covering 16,000 square miles, one of the earth’s weirdest landscapes poses a giant scientific riddle. What could have scoured out huge potholes, torn out enormous rips and scars, scattered massive boulders as if dropped by giants, and carved out a "waterfall" five times wider than Niagara, but without any water? A maverick geologist became convinced he had the answer: the biggest flood unleashed anywhere on earth in the last two million years. For decades, he patiently assembled clues that 1,000 feet-deep floodwaters had once covered the Northwest. But mainstream scientists scorned his theory while he searched for answers to what, exactly, could have triggered such a catastrophe. Finally, an ingenious solution silenced the skeptics: traces of an enormous ice dam half a mile high, which had blocked a valley in present-day Montana and created an enormous lake behind it. With the help of stunningly realistic animation, NOVA takes viewers back to the Ice Age to reveal what happened when the dam broke, unleashing a titanic flood that swept herds of woolly mammoth and everything else into oblivion.

Special DVD features Include: Printable materials for educators; Access to the NOVA Web site; Scene selection, Closed captions, Described video for the visually impaired. 56 min. WGBH Nova Program, 2005.

Product Image

DVD $20.00

SCULPTED BY FLOODS: The Northwest's Ice Age Legacy

It is a story of the earth's power, scientific discovery and human nature---the greatest story that is still just barely told. This DVD tells the story of cataclysmic floods that swept across the Pacific Northwest when ancient lakes burst through their glacial dams 15,000 years ago. Producer-director Alison Kartevold worked with USGS scientist Richard Waitt to document terrestrial evidence of the floods and with USGS scientist Bill Normark to discuss where the floodwaters went when they hit the sea. Learn about the scientists who struggled to first decipher this story and those who continue to explore its meaning today. 57 min. Produced by KSPS-TV Spokane, 2001.




ShirtClassic Style T-Shirt!!

This beautiful new T-shirt has original art by Stev Ominski and depicts one of the recognizable features of the floods : The Bellevue Erratic. Stev states: The Bellevue Erratic is a testament to how far reaching the Ice Age Floods were. We know from the origins of rock type (Belt Rocks) of this huge erratic, that it traveled (via glaciation and eventually iceberg) from the Northern Rockies all the way to the Willamette Valley….” See our home page for another of Stev’s pieces.

Product Image

Classic style T-Shirt, Natural
Bellevue Erratic on Front. 100% cotton

$20.00 S, M, L, XL


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Womens style T-Shirt, Light Blue with small left front logo. 100% cotton

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Hats: Navy, Royal Blue, Red, Maroon, Chrome
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$15.00 One size fits most. 100% Cotton



IAFI Decal - vinyl, 4.8"x4.8" NEW!

Product Image

Decal $5.00
Includes shipping!

You can assist in spreading the Ice Age Floods story by purchasing vinyl 4.8"x 4.8" inside window decals for your vehicle(s). Decals are easy to attach using the detailed instructions printed on the peel-off backside of the decal. Individuals viewing your decal from a park, restaurant and other venues can easily use their smart device, such as a phone, iPad, or notebook and scan the QR (Quick Response) Code to access the Ice Age Floods Institute's website instantly. Your decal purchases make you a partner with IAFI in spreading the fascinating Floods story.